About The Headline Stories

The Headline Stories is a news aggregation platform that enables readers to

– Browse through all the latest trending headline stories and click through to read the content from your favourite publisher, blogs and websites in Singapore.
– Collect articles, videos and photos on The Headline Stories and read it anywhere
– Share your favourite content with people who have the same passion & interest

Why did we create The Headline Stories?

There are so many great blogs and websites. We want to know what are the latest trending headline stories in Singapore but visiting each website, reading them one by one is very time consuming. We created The Headline Stories to curate the headline stories of our favourite websites. We shared the platform among friends who in return shared it with their friends who also found it useful to read and add their favourite website in The Headline Stories. Hence, we decided to launch The Headline Stories to the public in 2016 as a ‘Made in Singapore’ news curation platform that can be as good or even better than the leading news reader in the world.

For Readers:

The Headline Stories is 100% free for readers. Send us the link here if you like to include headline news from your favourite publisher, blogs or websites on any topics

For Content Publishers & Bloggers:
We are like feedly or flipboard for Singapore content, sharing your great headline stories to readers and will always credit your work as the source with reference links back to your website.

If you have questions, have ideas to improve this ‘Made in Singapore’ platform or want to have a chat/coffee, please contact us. We will reply within 3 working days.

In the meantime, enjoy reading and like our Facebook page here.