#ThirstyThursday: DairyGo Teh Tarik Review: It Has A Long Shelf-Life, I Guess

It’s pretty rare to see the Teh Tarik Man in action in S’pore. Most of the time we’re just concerned with drinking the tea and moving on.

Which is a shame, cause look at these movements:

Image: Giphy

Can-Can I have my tea now?

Teh Tarik Man: No, let me play with it a little longer.

Well, actually, the pulling isn’t just for giggles. Doing that gives it a frothy top and also cools the tea to optimal drinking temperature. If you wanna be a snob, compare this to decanting of coffee to improve flavours.

But what if we eliminate the Teh Tarik man totally from the equation? What if we put Teh Tarik in a packet?

We get this:

DairyGo Teh Tarik

S$2 a pack.

Nobody drinks Teh Tarik to be a health nut, but have a look at their energy information and the labels stating no preservatives and colouring:

The back of the packet says this can be drunk hot or cold, but drinking a hot packet drink sounds a little crazy, so I’m sticking with cold.

Taste Test

The first half-second of when the tea hit my tongue was pleasant. It’s a creamy,

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