The Reason Why Durians Have Such a Strong Smell & Why S’poreans Still Love It

Whether you’re a Singaporean man, woman or cat, you’d most probably love this: durians.

It was only while working in Goody Feed that I realized there were apparently Singaporeans who couldn’t handle the smell of durian; a colleague, who’s a true-blue Singaporean, had nearly fainted when one of us brought durian to the office.

And that begets the question: why does durian have such a strong smell, and why are we Singaporeans and Malaysians “immune” to that strong smell?

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Still here and prefer to read? Well, here goes.

The Smell of Durian

To many of us, durians simply smell sweet.

But to the ang mos, they find it rather hard to find an adjective to describe the smell: in fact, they’ve gone on to describe it as “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”.


Why’s there such a big difference? Do we have different noses or what?

Here’s why.

Smell of Durian has 50 Compounds

It’s easy to describe the smell of cheese: it’s cheesy. It’s also easy to describe the smell of

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