Homeowners Who Paid For Home ‘In Nature’ Trolled With Fake Lake By Developers

Imagine this: You saved up a ton of money and you heard about this new development.

It promises you a harmonious living surrounded by nature with “park views”.

Then, you go to the viewing gallery and see an artist impression of your dream house.

Omo! Is that a lake right in the middle of the estate? Who needs a swimming pool when you can have that?!

So you got a loan, start working your ass off to save up and bought a unit from the estate.

You know the price tag’s going to be hefty when we add in the word, nature.

Fast Forward A Few Months Later

And the developers tell you to come down and get your keys.

Image: Giphy

Oh my, nature! Dream home! Here we come~

And so, you excitedly collected your keys.

On the way to your new home, you and your other half is going crazy talking about what you’re going to do when you first get there.

Would you go straight up to your apartment?

Maybe, dip your legs in the lake?

Or- Hey! How about an #OOTD to brag about our new purchase?

And everything came to a screeching halt because, well, you realised you got

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