Don’t Say Bojio: Yonex Warehouse Sale Has Up To 80% Off Badminton Rackets & Shoes From 22 Nov

That’s right people, after about half a year, it’s the Yonex Warehouse sales again.

You’ll love it you’re hardcore badminton player or just a casual player. Heck, if you just have a hint of wanting to touch a badminton (or tennis) racquet, this is the sale for you.

Down here at Goody Feed we prefer eating fried chicken and picking our noses while watching other people do the cool moves:

The only way I’ll try to play badminton. / Image: Giphy

Editor: Okay, that’s pretty cool and all. But that’s totally not how the game is played. Do you even know what the badminton rules are?

Me: Uh, just hit the ball and hope it lands in their goal?

Editor: …Badminton doesn’t have goal.

Me: …oops?

Aaanyway. Good deal’s a good deal, and don’t say bojio:

Badminton And Tennis Rackets, Apparels, Accessories, Shoes For Up To 80% OFF

And just like last time, their poster also similarly blur. As a colleague had described it before, “It’s a poster with tiny words that look like they’ve been PNGed then JPEGed.”


So in case you’re doing this:

Image: Giphy

Don’t worry, cause here’s what’s on the poster:

The sale is on from 22

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