[Giveaway] What is Mesh Networking and Why Should You Care?

Are there Wi-Fi “blindspots” in your home that is giving you frustrations due to the slow Wi-Fi? You paid good money to get high speed fibre broadband Wi-Fi access to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) why can’t you enjoy the same high speed Wi-Fi everywhere in your home?

Slow Wi-Fi can be due to several reasons:

Nearby Wi-Fi networks

For Singaporeans, the chances are high that you live in a high-rise building like a HDB flat or condominium block. Your neighbours’ Wi-Fi network can also cause congestion and affect the performance and range of your Wi-Fi connection in high density areas.

Distance from router

If your Wi-Fi router is located far away from your room or the kitchen for instance, then this will result in a less stable Wi-Fi connection and also weaker Wi-Fi signal.

Obstacles and signal-transmitting devices

Are there many walls and reflective surfaces like mirrors in your home? These hinder your Wi-Fi signal as well. Devices such as cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and even microwave ovens also result in Wi-Fi congestion.

While you can’t shut off all your neighbours’ Wi-Fi or tear down all the walls and mirrors in your home or move your room nearer to

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