Fruit seller splashed hot water on employee for allegedly sleeping with his wife


A self-employed fruit distributor found his wife and employee in the master bedroom of his flat on the night of March 5 last year.


The 43-year-old fruit vendor, Han Bo, splashed his wife’s alleged lover, 22-year-old Kan Chee Wai, with a kettle of boiling hot water during their confrontation, according to Shinmin Daily News.

Han was sentenced to jail for nine months for causing grievous hurt to Kan.

Wanted to forgive wife, but she wanted divorce

Shin Min reported that Han was woken up by noise coming from another room in the house on Mar. 5, 2018.

He got up to investigate and saw his wife and Kan coming out of the room. When confronted, both Kan and the woman pretended nothing happened. When Han went into the room, he discovered that his wedding photo and the family photo had been shredded.

The trio then went to the living room to discuss matters.

Han initially told his wife that he was willing to forgive her, and even said that he would give his wife’s lover a sum of money if Kan agreed to leave her and return to Malaysia, Kan’s home country.

However, Han’s offer

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