Famous KL seafood eatery selling S$5 seafood mee sua with lala, prawn at Sultan Plaza


If you like cheap but delicious seafood noodles, you might want to check out Chang Xian at Sultan Plaza.


Chang Xian is a branch of a famous eatery in Kuala Lumpur by the same name.

The stall, which is located at the food court, sells Hai Huang Mee Sua (S$5) which is essentially braised seafood mee sua with a prawn and generous serving of juicy lala clams.

Image by Joshua Lee

The mee sua used here is different, though.

Instead of the thin, mushy noodle you might be expecting, Chang Xian uses a special type of mee sua procured from Malaysia.

Here, the mee sua is thick and chewy, like a cross between U Mian and thick bee hoon, and does a great job in absorbing the gravy.

Image by Joshua Lee.

Speaking of the gravy, it is made using flower crabs and lala clams, according to ieatishootipost. It is robust and full of umami.

Aside from seafood, the Hai Huang Mee Sua comes with a handful of freshly fried lard and fried egg.

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Another dish worth trying is the XO Seafood Bee Hoon Soup

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