Emma Watson and Tom Felton had ‘sparks’, according to Rupert Grint

Harry Potter fans who wanted to see Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) can now feel justified.

In the Harry Potter franchise, fans have been noticing a strong chemistry between the two characters for years.

The Gryffindor and Slytherin didn’t have a chance to date onscreen nor their offscreen alter egos.

This led fans into thinking whether the chemistry between Felton and Watson are just imagined.

Co-star Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley revealed that he did see ‘sparks’ between the two while filming Harry Potter.

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Grint spoke about his Harry Potter mates on the casts and said he could see Watson and Felton together while speaking to Entertainment Tonight about his new Apple TV+show, Servant.

He said that there was always something and ‘a little bit of a spark’.

The actor explained that he didn’t want to

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