Mod Cafe – Hidden Cafe In The East Serving Cakes From The Cheesecake Factory

Unless you specifically knew that there is a café within this single storey long house along East Coast Road, chances of you entering it would be low.

Mod Café is situated in refurnished pink-coloured single storey detached house (with ample outdoor parking space), right next to a hair salon.

There were a number of “Mod Cafes” in Singapore previously, but this is an entirely new setup.

Interesting to know that a hair salon is their core business, while the café is created to provide guests a place to chill and relax before or after their hair treatment (or when husbands need to wait for their wives).

This places used to house horses (!) but has been once transformed to a “lifestyle garden centre”. It is a quiet space, rather white with natural daylight, with wall-art painted by Bill Ho from Eight Cafe & Bar.

The food menu at Mod Café is kept lean, with items of All Day Breakfast ($14.90), Eggs & Mushrooms ($10.90), French Toast ($8.90), Broccoli Soup ($6.90), Mushroom Soup ($6.90), Chicken Pie ($5.50), and Shitake Mushroom Pie ($5.50).

A highlight is that they also serve up Cheesecakes ($7.90, $8.90 a slice) from The

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