Michelin Guide Singapore 2019: The Full List Of 44 Restaurants Awarded And The Two That Got Three Stars

michelin guide singapore 2019Michelin Guide Singapore 2019

michelin guide singapore 2019 alma

The lead-up towards the annual Michelin Guide always brings about questions such as:

Will there be any restaurants getting three stars? Will most of the restaurants be in the central area again? Will there be more hawker stalls in the list?

The Michelin Guides in Singapore, for the past three years, were more similar than not. Familiar names such as Alma, Corner House, Jaan and Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle have been on the list for all the years, offering us not much of a surprise since the very first list appeared. It really makes us wonder what will be different this year.

We’ve been hoping to see more variety in the cuisines offered—not just a focus on Chinese and European—as well as more hawker stalls and everyday eateries because these are also a big part of Singapore’s food scene. 

michelin guide singapore 2019 candlenut

Well, our questions and hopes are now answered, because the Michelin Guide Singapore 2019 has finally arrived. Here is the list of restaurants that have gotten stars in their pockets this year. Those in bold are new to the list. 

Restaurants with one Michelin star Alma Basque Kitchen byRead full content from Eatbook

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