Experience Your Favourite Drink At The Bubble Tea Factory Pop-Up At *SCAPE From 19 Oct – 18 Dec

If you haven’t had enough of the bubble tea craze, here’s an event that all you boba fans can mark in your calendars!

The Bubble Tea Factory will turn your boba tea fantasy to reality with a pop-up experience in Singapore from 19 October to 18 December 2019.

Online Bubble Tea Factory 1

Credit – The Bubble Tea Factory

This first-ever captivating and interactive bubble tea event in South East Asia that will take place at *SCAPE. The Instagram-worthy Bubble Tea Factory will feature more than ten multi-sensory exhibitions that will stimulate your mind and senses.

Online Bubble Tea Factory 5

Credit – The Bubble Tea Factory

One of the main installations that you can look forward to is the Pearl Pit which you can dive into, much like a ball pit, but the concept behind it is to imitate a pot filled with “taro pearls”. 

Online Bubble Tea Factory 4

Credit – The Bubble Tea Factory

Pose with the reclining chair with an IV drip standing next to it, for those of you who drink so much bubble tea that you need a bubble tea transfusion or you will faint, this will be a photo spot that’s perfect for you.

Alternatively, there will also be a giant “pearl” for you to swing on just

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