Black Pearl: Family Friendly Steak House

Austrlian Rack of Lamb $39

If you are after a family friendly steak house in the East, then the Black Pearl might just be what you are looking for!  When I first wrote about them in 2007, they had just started business and it was more of a fine dining concept. (The name was more French too — Perle Noir).  They have since moved further down the road and are essentially still serving the same quality of meats but in a more casual environment.

When I posted about them recently on Facebook, someone commented that the prices seem a bit high.   While I do agree that paying $52 to eat a ribeye steak is not cheap,  the reason that I am promoting the place is because it is good value!

Whether $52 is considered good value really depends on the quality and the weight of the meat.  You can certainly get a New Zealand grass fed ribeye at Astons for $20, but some can argue that even that is not cheap as they can get a ribeye steak at the neighbourhood western hawker stall for $12.  The problem is that you are not comparing the same thing.  The price range

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