Morphine Coffee – Specialising In Cold Brew Coffee With Prices From $2.10, At Paya Lebar Quarter

If you have walked from Paya Lebar MRT to Paya Lebar Quarter, you may have taken note of this new café in the corner.

Morphine Coffee already has an eye-catching name with its use of “morphine” (taken in directed medication to remove pain).

This may look like another next-door coffee place, but how they brew their coffee is varied from the usual typical practices. Their drinks could therefore taste different from the norm.

In terms of pricing, there are some inexpensive drinks such as the Cold Brew Coffee O ($2.10), Hot Coffee O ($1.80), Coffee C ($2.00) and “Tea C” ($1.80), slightly cheaper than the average chain store.

Also available are other specialty drinks such as Specialty Black Cold Brew No. 18 ($5.50), Iced Ginger Ale ($5.00), Hojicha Latte ($5.00), and Matcha Latte ($5.50).

Its prime location makes it a good place for a grab-and-go. There are no seats around, but you can grab one of those in PLQ’s delegated public sitting area.

However, during my first visit I ordered the usual Coffee C ($2.00) and thought that something was missing.

If you wanted a perk-me-up and did not get any explanations (or read this), you may

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