Ichiran Ramen Singapore – Finally Coming In October, Pop-Up At Takashimaya Square

Ramen lovers, hold your breaths. Ichiran Ramen 一蘭 is coming to Singapore.

Though not as a permanent store, but as a pop-up concept at “Japan Food Matsuri” event at Takashimaya Square in October.

The pop-up will take place from Oct 3 (Thurs) to Oct 20 (Sun), as part of the third edition of the annual ramen festival Ramen Revolution.

The ramen priced at $12 per bowl, will be limited to 700 servings a day.

Ask Singaporeans which is their favourite ramen from Japan, and the answer is likely to be Ichiran. Though the Japanese themselves would have extremely varied replies.

Ichiran Ramen was founded in Hakata Fukuoka way back in the 1960s.

Its winning formula can be attributed to thin, long, firm Hakata-style noodles; creamy smooth classic pork-based tonkotsu soup, topped with Ichiran’s original red pepper sauced mixed with 3 types of spices.

The ordering experience is also one of a kind: You buy a meal ticket via the vending machine, customise your ramen find a vacant seat, and sit in individual booths where you would be attended by a staff.

The concept of eating alone is so that you concentrate on nothing but your

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