Le Petit Chef: The World’s Smallest Chef Lands In S’pore For An Immersive Dining Journey Like No Other

Le Petit Chef Marco Polo Singapore 2019 1

Grand Hyatt Singapore has always been known for introducing fresh F&B concepts, such as when plant-based Beyond Burger first arrived in Singapore. This time around, Grand Hyatt’s mezza9 plays host to an immersive dining journey like no other by the world’s smallest chef – Le Petit Chef.

Le Petit Chef Marco Polo Singapore 2019 2

It’s not the first time the Le Petit Chef experience came to Singapore, but we’re getting a much longer run with more opportunities to try this much raved about dining sensation.

Themed after Marco Polo’s travels through Asia and the silk road, this Singapore rendition of Le Petit Chef takes diners on a two hour adventure following the little chef’s footsteps mirroring the famed merchant.

Le Petit Chef Marco Polo Singapore 2019 7

Precise 3D digital projections bring Le Petit Chef to life as he recounts his quest for gastronomic excellence across oceans and continents.

Le Petit Chef Marco Polo Singapore 2019 4

Get ready for a carefully orchestrated, theatric dining experience in mezza9’s exclusive wine cellar La Cave from 5 September running till 30 December 2019. Only 16 guests can be catered for during each session, making this a truly intimate affair.

Le Petit Chef Marco Polo Singapore 2019 6

Grand Hyatt’s kitchen team have curated a six-course menu that pairs precisely with the whole story-telling narrative of Le Petit Chef. I don’t want to spoil the surprise,

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