Food Review: Una Una At Bugis+ | The Most Value For Money Unagi Hitsumabushi In Singapore

The Place Opened a week ago, Una Una is a unagi specialty restaurant which is the latest dining concept at Bugis+. The restaurant prides itself at serving the most value for money Unagi Hitsumabushi in Singapore, from S$9.80 onwards. The space of Una Una takes on a Japanese interior where there is a good level of dining privacy for most tables.

The Food The signature dish at Una Una is no doubt the Unagi Hitsumabushi (S$9.80/small, S$14.80/regular), a Nagoya-style way of enjoying unagi popularised by the Bib Gourmand Man Man Unagi Restaurant over the last few years. The unagi is coated with a sweet and savoury tare sauce, where the special sauce one of the most important aspect for me as this determines the flavour of the unagi. I like the sauce here, which is very flavourful.

As with Hitsumabushi style, you can enjoy the unagi in a couple of ways. Have it as it is first, which is my most preferred way as this is where I get to taste the authentic flavour of the unagi. You can then have the eel with the accompanying condiments like spring onion and wasabi. Finally, you can also add

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