DinoMao app lets you play your favorite claw machine arcade game on your smartphone

DinoMao has officially launched the beta version of its claw gaming app for the Singapore market on 17th January 2019.

The app streams live visual footage of actual claw game machines in real-time to players around the world. Players can control physical claw game machines via the DinoMao app.

Happiness in your pocket

From retro claw game machines and coin dozers to more advanced claw game variations such as scissor cutter games, players have multiple opportunities to challenge themselves and win attractive prizes. Cameras are installed in every physical game machine with footage streamed live 24 hours a day so that players will never miss out on the action.

Moreover, players can compete against their friends and the wider online DinoMao gaming community and rank their scores on a leaderboard displaying the all-time daily and weekly scorers.

DinoMao gameplay

Upon signing up, players immediately receive 40 tokens. Players that sign in to the app daily receive token bonuses that can be used to play more games. In order to create a fair gaming environment, players that log in are placed in a queue system where they await their turn to play. Other players will receive their turn to play

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