Destructive Offices: 8 Crucial signs that your workplace is toxic

Of course, working isn’t always an absolute blast filled with party streamers and colourful balloons. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be an atrocious place, either. Believe it or not, working can be a gratifying experience, maybe even an absolute delight. But, if you can’t say that your workplace is a pleasant environment without batting an eye, then you could be in danger of being in a toxic workplace. If this office has taken a serious toll on your physical, mental or emotional health, then it’s definitely in the red zone of being “toxic”.

Maybe, the word “toxic” sounds too harsh to describe your workplace. But, it could be that you’ve been immersed in this environment for so long that you’ve grown immune to its poisonous effects. Now, that’s truly dangerous. But, to be sure, we’ve fished out 8 telltale signs that you’re currently working in a destructive environment. If you can identify with some or most of these signs, then it’s best that you pack your things and take off as soon as possible. Trust us, there’s plenty of better fishes in the ocean.

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